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Former Queen Mary School, Clifton Drive South, St Annes

Conserving Our Best Buildings & Townscapes

We are dedicated to the improvement of Lytham St Annes as a place to live, work and relax. 

We believe in the conservation of the best of our buildings and townscapes, and a high standard in design for new  buildings.

We aim to protect the built and historic environment of our lovely town, not forgetting its open spaces and coastline.

Lytham Sandhills conservation 2015

Project Details

Commenced: 1960s

Benefits: Community/Environment

Estimated Cost: 

Project Leader: Marion Coupe

In partnership with: Fylde Borough Council

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Why Is Conservation So Important?

Preserving Period Details
We’ve concerns about the gradual deterioration of some areas of Lytham St Annes, specifically in terms of architectural and period detailing – windows, doors, gables, etc.

High land values are bringing pressures for demolition of older properties. In the older parts of town, traffic and parking problems are leading to the demolition of front garden walls with the resulting deterioration of the street scene and tree cover.

Major alterations are being proposed to listed buildings in conservation areas which, in our view, invalidate the listing.

What Could Be Achieved?
We would like to see the “upgrading” of some or all of the existing conservation areas to Article 4 designations, possible extensions of their boundaries, and the setting up of new conservation areas.

We are satisfied that residents on the whole are pleased to be included in these areas, and that they wish regulations to be enforced.  Local listing will protect those properties which are outside any other designations.

Local Listing
  • Applications for a number of buildings to be added to the statutory list have been successful, including St Anne’s Technical College, the pebble pavements in Lytham, the Victory Hall, Ansdell Institute and several others.
  • We are currently part funding the creation of a Local List of Heritage Assets, to be adopted by Fylde Council as part of their Heritage Strategy.
  • We have begun a survey of all the cobble walls in the area and researched how to re build one and we’ve advised Kensington Developments on the re build of the listed wall on their development at Hastings Point.

Ansdell Institute

Ansdell Institute

Let's Get Technical For A Moment
  • For many years this Civic Society has had a Technical Committee. The function of this group is to review planning applications on a monthly basis and make comment where appropriate.
  • We concentrate on applications within the Conservation Areas and other sensitive locations.  However, we also look at major applications which will have a serious impact on our town of Lytham St Annes. We have a small group of volunteers, several of whom are retired architects and planners.
  • We care about the town in which we live in and the regular meetings of this committee help us to keep up to date with current applications in the Borough.
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