Cobbled Walls & Pebbled Pavements

Cobble wall - Blackpool Road - Gateway to Heyhouses

Cobble Walls & Pebble Pavements Survey

This has been an ongoing project for the last few years. Volunteers from the society have started a mapping process which will locate the walls and pavements in Lytham.

As always, we’d love to have more volunteers to help on this fantastic project.  If you’d love to get involved, please get in touch.


Cobble wall Lytham St Annes

Project Details

Commenced: 2010

Benefits: Community/Conservation

Estimated Cost: N/A

Project Leader: Sue Cornah

In Partnership With: N/A

Pebble Pavements Bath Street Lytham
Cobble wall - Church Road South Boundary Wall to Vicarage - Lytham

What Makes This Project So Special?

  • The cobble walls and pavements, which date back to the early nineteenth century, are a fundamental element in the historic fabric of Lytham
  • They create a local vernacular which is both distinctive and charming
  • Cobbles are also used as a building material for dwellings and storage/barn buildings. Several properties still exist in the area which are made entirely of cobbles


When our survey is complete, it is our intention to create a digital map of the town referencing these walls and pavements. We will also update our Listed Buildings book with a new section dealing with the cobble walls and pebble pavements.

Finally we hope to be able to prepare a Best Practice Guide for the building, repair and maintenance of cobble walls.

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