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Fairhaven Lake Pagoda Boat House

Conserving The Local Heritage of Lytham St Annes

Our town has numerous buildings, features and open spaces which are not important

enough to be designated nationally as “Listings” but are still important to us.

Fylde’s Local List Project began in early 2016 and since then has been helping to celebrate and

conserve this local heritage of Lytham St Annes. It provides recognition and protection for the

things which we, the community, like and value at a local level.

The project is following the national guidelines of Historic England and Civic Voice. Our local assets are being identified and judged against criteria such as age, rarity, historical association, landmark status.

How Are We Helping?

    Following a vote at the Civic Voice convention in 2012, this became a national campaign championed by Civic Voice with the endorsement of English Heritage. Civic societies up and down the country have risen to the challenge of preparing a ‘Local List’ Our Society has been helping Fylde Council from outset. We part-funded an experienced local list project officer for a period of time. We focused initially on Fairhaven then we progressed to Ansdell, St Annes and Lytham. Our members have been helping with local knowledge.  There are now more than a hundred local listings for Lytham St Annes – see below.     It is important to remember that the Local List Project is on-going. Areas already assessed are under constant review. We are always on the lookout for more local heritage assets to identify and record.      

Local List of Heritage Assets - Page 1
Local List of Heritage Assets - Page 2
Local List of Heritage Assets - Page 3

Project Details

Commenced: Early 2016 Benefits: Community/Environment Estimated Cost: N/A Project Leader: N/A In Association With: Historic England, Civic Voice, English Heritage and Fylde Borough Council
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Project Details

Commenced: 2010 Benefits: Community & the environment Estimated Cost:  Project Leader: Susan Cornah In Partnership With: Fylde Borough Council & BCA Landscape

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